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Range Al Capone Yakuza Edge
Short Stiletto Knife Sai Yakuza
Mid Tommy Gun British Sten Capone
Long Pineapple Bomb Ceramic Grenade Yakuza
Special Brass Knuckles Nunchaku Capone


Overall Winner: Al Capone

Al Capone Kills Yakuza Kills
Stiletto Sai
Tommy Gun British Sten
Pineapple Gr. Ceramic Gr.
Br. Knuckles Nunchukas
Total 542 Total 458


Red RedRedRedRed Calpone Blue BlueBlueBlueBlue Yakuza

The battle begins in the streets of an abandoned city, Capone's car pulls up to a restaurant and he gets out. Inside the restaurant, the Yakuza gang is talking. Cabone and his gang walk into the restaurant. The yakuza stares at them and yell. One of them pulls out the sten and open fires. Capone ducks as one of his gangsters gets killed, X. Another gangster returns fire with the tommy gun and kills the yakuza with the Sten. O. The remaining Yakuza's retreat to the other room. The talk amongst themselfs and hides. Cabone's gang walks into the next room and scan it. The yakuza leader jumps out and kills the Tommy Gun weilding gangster with his pistol. X. He signals his team to retreat into the next room. An unarmed mafia gangster picks up the tommy gun as he and another one walks into the next room. Cabone takes out a grenade and tosses it behind the bar. A hidden Yakuza screams as the grenade explodes. Cabone and his partner walk to the bar and see he is dead. O. Meanwhile, the other two mafia men walk into the other room. They spot someone going down the stairs, the two follow him, one goes down the stairs but the other is about to go down but Yakuza grabs him and throws him back. He then kills him with the Sai. X. He spits in his face aand walks on. The Yakuza biss sees the gangster following him, he takes out the Nunchucks and disarms him with them he then kills him by choking him. X Cabone walk into the stare way room and gets ambushed by the Sai weilding Yakuza. He dodges and cuts him with his stilletto and stabs him in the back, O. He walks to the stairs and walks down. He spots a yukaza with a grenade, who throws it. Cabone catches it and throws it back. It explodes killing the Yakuza. O. He dusts his off his coat and finds the yakuza leader, who swings his Nunchuks. Cabone puts on the brass knuckles and walks toward him. he dodges his attack and punches his throat with the knuckles, crushing it, The yakuza leader staggers back grabing his throat, and slumps to the floor, dead. O. Cabone takes out a cigar and smokes it and walks away.

Deadliest Warrior: Competition