Apache vs. Gladiator





Original Air Date

April 7, 2009

Apache vs. Gladiator is the Debut Episode of the TV Show Deadliest Warrior. It pits the Apache against the Gladiator. In the end, the Apache is victorious.

Weapons TestedEdit

Apache Team: Alan Tafoya and Snake Blocker

Gladiator Team: Chris Torres, Steven Dietrich, and Chuck Liddell

Apache Gladiator Advantage



Knife Trident/Net Trident/Net
Bow & Arrow Sling Bow & Arrow
Warclub Sicca Sicca

Section headingEdit

The battle begins with the Apache walking out into an open field, at the other end of the field the Gladiator walks into the open. He spots the Apache and lets out a war cry and charges. The Apache starts to back up and fires a arrow, which hits the gladiator's shield. The apache fires another arrow, this time striking the gladiator's stomach, but it gets pulled out with major effort. The apache retreats, as the gladiator misfires his sling, and follows the Apache. The Apache misfires with his Bow and Arrow and drops it. The Gladiator jumps down and strikes with the trident but misses. The apache strikes with the tomahawk, but gets caught in the net. The apache turns and runs but the gladiator throws the net and trips the apache, and throws his trident but misses. The apache throws his tomahawk but misses. He then takes out the warclub as the gladiator takes out his Sica. The apache strikes disarming the gladiator, he strikes again this time taking off the gladiator's helmet. He strikes once more only to be knocked down by the gladiators shield. He punches the apache in the stomach then again in his face. The apache coughs up blood as the gladiator turns around, the apache pulls out the knife. The gladiator see this, punches at the apache but misses, and swings his shield but misses. The apache then goes on to cut the gladiator's hamstrings, making him loose balance. He then slits the gladiator's throat. The gladiator crashes to the ground, and the apache stabs him a few more times to make sure he is dead. Stands ups, licks the blood off his knife and does his war cry, and walks away, leaving the dead gladiator in his dust.

Overall Winner: Apache

Apache Kills Gladiator Kills
Bow & Arrow 188 Sling 1
Tomahawk 153 Cestus/Scissor 25/25
Knife 266 Trident & Net 166
Warclub 60 Sica 116
Total 667 Total 333