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Range Atilla the Hun William Wallace Edge
Short Sword of Mars War Hammer Wallace
Mid Lasso Claymore Wallace
Long Hunnic Composite Bow Ball and Chain Attila
Special Scythian Axe Targe/Dirk Attila


Overall Winner: William Wallace

Attila the Hun Kills William Wallace Kills
Sword of Mars War Hammer
Lasso Claymore
H. Composite Bow Ball and Chain
S. Axe Targe/Dirk
Total 475 Total 525


The fight starts as Atilla and two other huns gallop into a scottish rebel camp. Two rebels see them coming and one runs and tells Wallace, who steps out to see one of his rebel shot in the eye by one of the huns. Full of rage he screams out at flings the dirk dagger into the huns neck causing him to fall of the horse. Wallace nods to another rebel who charges towards atilla as another hun come towards him (wallace). Wallace takes out his Claymore and slices him in half. He turns in time to see atilla hang the rebel with the lasso and drag him to his death. Atilla turns his horse around and gallops at Wallace who takes out the ball and Chain and trips up the horse, throwing Atilla of its back. Atilla gets to his feet and takes out his axe. Wallace takes out his war hammer and the two clash weapons. Atilla is able to knock wallace down on his stomach but to the cost of losing his axe. He slowly takes out the sword of mars as wallace gets up with the targe shield ready. Atilla screams and swings his sword charging at wallace who turn around and stabs him in the stomach. Atilla drops his sword as wallace kicks the spiked shield deeper into Atilla's chest. Atila gags up blood before finally falling backwards dead. Wallace grabs his claymore and stabs it into the ground before yelling in triumph.

Deadliest Warrior: Competition