If ya had any sens they are related i know they are my fucked famlly


Range Attila the Hun Vlad the Impaler Edge
Short Sword of Mars Kilij Vlad
Mid Lasso Halberd Vlad
Long Hunnic Composite Bow Steel Crossbow Attila
Special Scythian Axe Hand Cannon Attila


Overall Winner: Vlad the Impaler

Attila the Hun Kills Vlad the Impaler Kills
Sword of Mars Kilij
Lasso Halberd
Hunnic Composite Bow Steel Crossbow
Scythian Axe Hand Cannon
Total 444 Total 556

Fight Vlad-5                                                                                                                                      Attila-5

Vlad goes walking around his forest of stakes with his men, randomly slashing and shooting the bodies of the dead, when suddenly, an white feather sprouted on the side of one of Vlad's men. Upon seeing the other end of the feather embedded itself into the nearest stake, he collapsed. Vlad laughed insanely for a while, then spun towards the source of the arrow. Immediately, the cannon shot, embedding a steel ball into the forehead of a Hun.

Vlad-4                                                                                                                                                Attila-4

Attila barrels down towards stakeland, bringing his scythian axe down on a Wallachian soldier who can't unsheathe his Kilij. However, Vlad also swings the spike of his hand cannon into the face of another Hun.

Vlad-3                                                                                                                                                 Attila-3

A Wallachian soldier hooks a mounted hun off of his horse with his halberd. The barbarian brings up his lasso after got knocked down. However, the Wallachian spears his opponent with the pike, then beheads him with the ax. What happened next, however, is that another hun strangles him with his lasso, dislocating his neck.

Vlad-2                                                                                                                                                  Attila-2

Vlad immediately goes for hun armed with a Scythian axe with his Kilij, slashing his head vertically in half like a melon, but he notices Attila a few feet away, brutally stabbing his soldier that was armed with the hand cannon.

Vlad-1                                                                                                                                                Attila- 1

Attila immediately pries the shield off of Vlad's grip, while Vlad slashes at his arms, denying the barbaric conqueror of his shield. They eventually engage with a sword to sword combat, the meteorite iron sword of Mars gaining the upper hand. As they lock swords, Vlad immediately gives his opponent an evil grin as he kicked Attila in the crotch and ran for cover among his victims.

When he recovered, Attila immediately starts shooting arrows randomly in all directions, then brings out his iron weapon out again, along with his ax.

Suddenly Attila was pushed at the back by some sharp force, throwing him against a slanted stake in front of him. He started to spurt blood from his mouth, chest, & crotch. It wasn't known what killed the barbarian first; it could either be the rusty iron bolt in his chest, or the stake that skewered his groin & anus.

Vlad the Impaler simply laughed at his dead adversary, crossbow in hand. He immediately started to shoot bolt after bolt at the tyrannical Hun's face. By the end of the day, Vlad ripped out all of the bloody crossbow bolts from the body of his foe, licking the blood off of them before he put them back in his quiver. He then straightened the stake which impaled his eastern equivalent, & he immediately walked back to Wallachia the way he came from, dissolving amongst the shadows.

Deadliest Warrior: Competition

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