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Range Comanche Zande Warrior Edge
Short War Hawk Club Makraka Comanche
Mid War Lance Makrigga EVEN
Long Comanche Bow and Arrow Kpinga Comanche
Special Scalping Kife Botto & Pima Zande


Overall Winner: Comanche

Comanche Kills Zande Warrior Kills
War Hawk Club 140 Makraka 92
War Lance 155 Makrigga 206
Bow and Arrow 278 Kpinga 70
Scalping Knife 22 Botto & Pima 37
Total 595 Total 405

Fight A zande is exploring the woods of america. He spots a comanche drinking water and resting. Curiously the zande approaches the comanche. The zande then steps on a twig making his prescence known to the comanche. The comanche thinks of him as a demon and yells his battle cry. The zande throws his kpinga but the comanche dodges and it hits the comanches horse killing it. The comanche now furious shoots an arrow which penetrates the zandes shield and hits him in the right side of his stomach. The zande closes the gap and uses his boto and pima without success. The comanche hits the zande again on his shoulder and takes out his war lance. The zande moans in pain; then he readies his makrigga and launches towards the comanche. The comanche stabs the zande BUT the zande blocks with his sheild. His sheild now ruined the zande prepares himself. The zande strikes but the comanche dodges. After a few thrusts the zande finally hits the comanches leg injuring him. The zande takes out his makraka to finish the comanche. The comanche on the bare earth gathers his strength and grabs the zandes arm. The zande possessing greater strenght narrows his makraka towards the comanches face. The comanche quickly takes out his knife and stabs the zande on the neck. The zande screams in pain. The comanche then gets up and thrusts his war lance into the zande killing him. The comanche then yells victoriously.

Deadliest Warrior: Competition

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