Deadliest Character is a Youtube series based off the TV Show Deadliest Warrior. Unstead of running a simulation 1000 times, results are based off a set panel of 100 voters, and whoever wins the most votes will be the Deadliest. Another difference is that warriors from movies and video games join the fight, as well as warriors totally made up by Deadliest Character creators Thomas Gorsuch and Nick Vanderkooi.

Season OneEdit

1. Achilles vs. Lurtz the Orc

2. Sgt. "Soap" Mactavish vs. Point Man

3. Conan the Barbarian vs. Maximus Meridius

4. Master Chief vs. Alex Corde

5. Beowolf vs. King Leonadis

6. The Joker vs. Rorschach

7. Robin Hood vs. Legolas

9. Benjamin Martin vs. Captain Jack Aubrey

10. Gandalf vs. Dumbledoore

11. Locust vs Chimera