George Washington vs. Napoleon Bonaparte is the 1st episode of the 3rd season of Deadliest Warrior. It pits the first president of the United States George Washshington against French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.


Washington Team: Paul Suda, Wayne Lee Ph.D

Washington Weapons: Colichemarde Sword, Brown Bess Musket, Pennsylvania Long Rifle, 6 Pound Cannon

Washington Tatics: Hybrid Warfare

Napoleon Team: Mathew Cape, Phillipe Simon

Napoleon Weapons: Cavalry Sabre, 1777 Charleville Musket, 8 Pound Cannon

Napoleon Tatics: "Bait and Bash"


Overall Winner: George Washington

Range Washington Kill Percentage Napoleon Kill Percentage
Short Colichemarde Sword 53% Cavalry Saber 47%
Mid Brown Bess Flintlock Musket and Pennsylvania Long Rifle 73% 1777 Charleville Musket 27%
Long 6 Pound Cannon 31% 8 Pound Cannon 69%
Total 2,530 50.6% 2,470


X FactorsEdit

Factor Washington Napoleon
Logistics 73 79
Tatics 84 88
Fatigue 74 67
Generalship 88 82
  • Napoleon's "Bait and Bash" was given the edge of Washington's "Hybrid Warfare".


Red RedRedRedRed Washington Blue BlueBlueBlueBlue Napoleon

The battle starts off with the Grande Armée climbing a hilltop, where Napoleon observes Washington's relaxing near their cannon. Washington rides up and greets his troops and then notices Napoleon's troops watching them. Napoleon orders a charge as Washington's men take defensive positions and start firing. However, none of them hit their targets. One of Napoleon's men kills a Continental Soldier with his first shot,Reddead. but one of Washington's men shortly follows with a hit of his own.Bluedead. Washington orders his sharpshooter to take out Napoleon's mounted lieutenant, which he does.Bluedead. Both sides then scramble for their cannons. Napoleon's army fires their cannon first and takes out another one of Washington's men,Reddead. but a man of their own is decapitated as Washington's army fires their cannon.Bluedead. Another shot from Napoleon's cannon disables Washington's artillery. As Washington's men commence a charge, Napoleon hastily reloads and is able to fire Grapeshot from his cannon, which kills one of the chargers and knocks the other one down.Reddead. Washington gets on his horse and charges towards Napoleon as his opponent does the same. Washington kills Napoleon's last man as he struggles to unsheathe his sword while Napoleon kills Washington's last man as he stumbles to his feet.Reddead. Bluedead. Then the leaders charge at each other. The first blow knocks Washington off his horse. As he retrieves his hat, Napoleon dismounts and engages him. A brief clash of swords gives Washington an opening and he punches Bonaparte in the face, stunning him. They engage again and after a while, Washington gets the upper hand and with a thrust, pierces his sword into Napoleon's neck. As his opponent falls, Washington casually cleans his sword.Bluedead.