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Range KGB Green Berets Edge
Short Shoe Knife E-Tool KGB
Mid Camera Gun Mossberg Shotgun Berets
Long Skorpion SMG 61 M4A1 Carbine KGB
Explosive Dead Drop Spike M67 Grenade Berets


Overall Winner: Green Berets

KGB Kills Green Berets Kills
Shoe Knife 21 E-Tool 19
Camera Gun 53 Moss. Shotgun 137
Skorpion SMG 61 286 M4A1 Carbine 279
Dead Drop 99 M67 Gr. 96
Total 469 Total 531


RedRedRedRedRed KGB BlueBlueBlueBlueBlue Berets

The battle begins in a battle where a green beret walks to the stage and stand behind the podium. In the audience, stands KGB. 1 holding the camera and KGB. 2 with a concealed Skorpion. KGB. 1 fires the camera gun and kills the Green Beret behind the podium, O. The crowed screams, as KGB. 1 jumps onto the stage and takes a flash drive from his pocket. Meanwhile, the other green berets enter the room as agents spot them and tosses the hard drive to Agent. 2. The Berets open fire and kills Agent 1, X. Agent 2 turns and runs into the bathroom. He walks into the stall and puts the hard drive into the Drop Spike and taps on the window. KGB. Agent 3 comes to it and takes the Dead Drop. The Green Berets enter the bathroom and one by one kicks open the stall doors. Agent 2 slowly takes out his Skorpion as a Green Beret steps in front of his stall. Agent 2 kicks open the stall door and riddles the soldier with bullets, O. The soldier slumps against the wall as Another soldier steps up and readies his shotgun, agent 2 turns only to get shot by the soldier. X. The soldier checks the stall and finds the open window. He tells the captain who signals another soldier. The soldier throws a grenade and makes a whole in the wall. Outside Agent. 3, Agent 4, and Agent 5 notice the explosion and starts to retreat. The green beret captain leans out off the whole and shoots down Agent 3, who falls to the ground. The green berets walk towards the downed agent. The captain kills him with his carbine, X. He notices the dead drop and kneels down and picks it up. He turns to his squad and opens the Spike, it explodes in his face, O. The two remaining soldiers continue down the ally and spots Agent 4, who steps out of cover and kills one of them with his Skorpion. O. The last soldier tosses a grenade, which exlosion kills the Agent.X. The final Agent makes a run a it vehicle as the green beret chases him. The agent finds that the car is looked. The soldier takes out the E-Tool as he appraoches the agent. The agent see him through the mirror and clicks his heel, arming the shoe knife. He turns around and kicks the green beret in the legs, who smacks him in the face. The soldier then continues to cut the agent in the stomach. As the agent falls to the sidewalk, the soldier staps him in the chest killing him. X. The Green Beret thrusts his e-tool in the air and screams."God Bless America".

Deadliest Warrior: Competition