Mongol:The vicious Asian horse warriors,who used pure savagery to conquer more land then any empire in history

Shaolin Monk:The ultimate Kung-Fu killing machine from China


Weapons Edit

Range Mongol Shaolin Monk Edge
Short Flanged Mace Emei Piercers Mongol
Mid Glaive Twin Hooks Shaolin Monk
Long Mongol Recurve Bow Sleeve Arrow Mongol
Special Ild Whip Chain Mongol

Simulation Edit

Overall Winner:Mongol

Mongol Kills Shaolin Monk Kills
Flanged Mace 30 Emei Piercers 11
Glalive 138 Twin Hooks 459
Mongol Recurve Bow 300 Sleeve Arrow 4
Ild 80 Whip Chain 6
Total 520 Total 480

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