Persian Immortal: The profesional killers that drove a 6th century BC war machine. Elite warriors of persia.

Samurai: Japans elite warrior class who fought with blinding speed and skill.


Range Persian Immortal Samurai Edge
Short Sagaris Katana Persian
Mid Spear Naginata Samurai
Long Bow & Arrow Yumi Bow Samurai
Special Chariot Scythe Kanabo Samurai


Samurai: steel and leather

Persian Immortal: bronze scale



The persian immortal is scanning japan for an invasion. A saumrai spots the stranger and realises that his homeland is in danger. He shoots an arrow which hits the persian in the shoulder causing him pain. The persian charges towards the samurai on his chariot. The samurai shoots again but misses. The persian retaliates by shooting a few arrows which fail to penetrate the samurais steel. The samurai then evades the chariot scythe and shoots another arrow killing the chariots driver. The enraged immortal gets off his chariot with his spear. The samurai uses his kanabo but the persian blocks with his sheild . The persian loses his sheild due to the massive impact and skillfully stabs the samurai in the leg. The samurai drops his kanabo and takes out his naginata. Both engage in a spear fight till the persians spear gets bent when hitting the samurais steel. The annoyed persian strikes with his sagaris. The samurai skillfuly blocks using his naginata but his weapon gets cut in half. The persian laughs at the samurai proudly. The samurai unsheathes his legendary katana. The persian decides to end the fight and charges quickly at the samurai. The samurai focuses his mind and waits patiently. The persian then slashes violently but sees a white flash. The persian loses his head. The samurai sits down and bids farewell to his mighty opponent.

Overall Winner: Samurai

Persian Immortal Kills Samurai Kills
Sagaris 61 Katana 68
Spear 182 Naginata 199
Bow and Arrow 142 Yumi Bow 169
Chariot Scythe 89 Kanabo 90
Total 474 Total 526

Deadliest Warrior: Competition